Hunting Legend Mug 13 oz

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Cheers to the hunting legend. Whoever that may be, they need a mug just like this!

  • I never dreamed of being a hunting legend, but here I am, killin' it! Natural born shooter.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This 13 oz double-sided design mug features a comfortable handle, smooth straight walls, an easy-to-sip curved lip, an overall glossy finish, and bold pops of color on the interior and exterior of the drinkware.
  • IN-HOUSE DESIGN: "I Never Dreamed Of Being A Hunting Legend, But Here I am Killin' It, Natural Born Shooter." decal is in full caps, black and white, with multi-directional lines of words intertwined with gray swirls and banners, white targets, pine trees, and stars, which stands out on the stark black exterior. The gray interior has a black "Legends Of This World" logo on the interior only when the handle is facing to the right side only.
  • PERFECT GIFT: It is an excellent and unique present for men and women (friends, family, coworkers & more) who have a passion for bow-season, gun-season, deer-season, wild turkey-season, black bear-season, waterfowl-season, small game-season, furbearer-season, quiet early fall/winter mornings, collecting antlers, providing for their families, and hanging with their hunting buddies. They'll think of you as they sip their coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other drink of choice, even when you can't be by their side.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dishwasher and microwave safe. Prop 65 certified. Package in a protective die-cut box.
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