Avocado Toast Ornament

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Avocado toast is a perfect morning meal composed of a slice of warm crunchy toast topped with creamy avocado. It's a food trend that is here to stay. This open face sandwich can be served with its two simple ingredients or dressed up with spices, cheese, hummus and anything else a cook can dream!

You may think foodie ornaments sound silly, but they make the perfect gift for someone who loves a particular or unusual breakfast like this. Maybe they love to eat this when they go to a restaurant for brunch. Maybe they love to cook unusual recipes. Maybe they absolutely hate this dish. 

Whatever the reason, giving this as a gift is sure to get a smile or laugh. 

Plus, if you have never created a kitchen or food themed Christmas tree, you need to try it. It's sure to be the talk of your next family gathering.

  • Measurements: 1.25 X 3 X 3.25 (HxLxW)
  • Arrives in a beautiful gift box
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